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The Gal Handbook [userpic]

Casual hime gyaru style DEBUNKED!

November 19th, 2007 (06:09 pm)
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Some girls think that it's easy to just put on a Lolita style dress and tease your hair a little and then POOF by the powers invested in yourself, you're doing hime gyaru style!

But I say it's not so, my friends.

Please read this carefully and take heed, my lovely little ones!

Just a gentle note:

I think it's safe to say a lot of girls that love and are into the Lolita style often migrate over to this style because it's what they are used to(frilly, pretty, and girlie). However, sometimes it's not known or maybe taken in to consideration what this style is really about. Hime Gal style is a young woman's elegant sophisticated style, and the casual style is sometimes confused with Onee Gyaru style.

First, let's start off with what the Hime Gyaru style is meant to look like:

A young woman who's parents are well off. She is stylish and delicate and has lots of time to primp and have her nails and hair done and probably sleeps on the best satin sheets! She likes the finer things in life, furs and jewels. She could even be mistaken for royalty perhaps. Everything is feminine, ultra lush and high class.

That being said, it's a look that takes place in the modern day, a Hime gal is up on the latest trends and probably has many rich handsome young men taking her out for fancy desserts and champagne in His luxury car, and is buying her things from Bvgalri to show is fancy of her.

The key point is that she is a young adult, not child-like like a Lolita. Hime Gyaru is NOT Lolita's big sister.

(thanks to eri_versailles and xxwoofykinsxx and a couple other people for wonderful scans!)

Key points of this style:
There are a few things that set this style apart from Onee gyaru and Lolita style.

* Hair
* Make up
* Nails
* Accessories

This is a biggie...no pun intended. We all pretty much know that gal hair in general is BIG. But hime hair is set apart by just HOW BIG it can be sometimes. ALTHOUGH this is not to say that hair must always be huge, long, and curly all the time. Generally for more formal looks it's this way, but not all the time. For the casual looks these things definitely do not hold true.
* Color-Most people think that very light blond or orange are the only way to go for the Hime gal. However, this is not true, Loads of gals have dark blonde, light to medium brown and even completely black hair. As long as it looks well groomed and perfectly styled!
* Cut-You don't have to have the stero-typical 'hime cut' but a cut that is stylish and gal and somewhat versatile.
* Styling-This is important! The style should look a little to a lot over done, yet still stylish and chic. This is a girlie style and it's about excess...so when you make a 'poof' at the crown of your head, really get it up there! Don't just make a little one and think it's ok. BE IMPRESSIVE!!
* Accessorize-It's not just for the outfit! Place a flower, a ribbon and/or bow, a sparkley and or jeweled brooch/barrette. Make it PRETTY!!

Some ideas to try:

Make up/Nails:
Hime Gyaru WEAR MAKE UP and lots of it. This is something that some ex-Lolita's sometimes have a problem with. While Lolita style is about looking naturally pretty and child-like. Hime Gyaru wear stylish gal make-up which includes lots of eyeliner, eyeshadow, perfect and cleans looking skin, soft 'gal' eyebrows, and soft glossy lips. It's also a very good thing to get circle/colored
contact lenses if you are doing this style because not only are they just stylish anyway for all styles: they also help achieve a pretty 'doll' look.

* Nails-Make them over the top with feathers and/or jewels and charms. Any thing sparkley, jeweled, or glittery. Strong or soft colors...anything goes as long as it looks like it took a long time to do. Right now pointed seems to be very popular with the Hime style, but round and square are also still alive and thriving.

Some looks to try:


With this tutorial I'm concentrating on the casual side of the Hime style...however even the causal style is very dressy. Look for things that are very chic and sophistocated. Things that could double for the Onee style will pretty much work for the casual hime style, but it's taken a little bit more to the extravagant level with accessories. Again think lush and stylish. Finer more expensive fabrics. Even jeans are allowed. However colors are usually pretty soft. Browns, blacks, light/soft pinks and purples, greens, and of course white and creams. Usually very loud electric colors aren't used, but I wouldn't say they are totally out of the way if used sparingly. Even the jewel tones that are very popular this season are popping up in little pieces here and there. Just remember to think proper and well brought up chic when wearing that denim mini skirt! :)

Some examples of casual trends this season:

Now get out there and show 'em who's the princess!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket