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The Gal Handbook [userpic]

Staying warm!

November 17th, 2007 (09:38 pm)

Dressing in gal style is all about being sexy, no matter what your style. Showing skin and 'look at me heels' are a must even in the colder months!

There are just a few points for staying gorgeous that can keep you and your style poppin'...like my lip gloss. :p

Showing Skin:

As I've stated showing skin is pretty important...but sometimes the coldness against bare skin can make you want to crawl into baggy thermal clothes which is while very comfy and warm, not very cute. Choose a certain part you want to show and flaunt it while covering up the important parts. Having gorgeous thighs? Show them off with some knee length boots! Love your arms? Why not wear long gloves to show off a pretty short sleeved coat or sweater dress?

A few things that are a must this season in clothing:

* Sweater Dresses with long/short sleeves and mini skirt length
* Short shorts in luscious warm fabrics, wear long sweaters and over full coats over them with boots for instant hotness!
* Mini skirts/dresses with heather gray, black opaque (even semi opaque), patterned(lace, fishnet, stripes) and lovely this year jewel toned!
* Puff coats with fur trimmed hoods
* Pea coats in many colors such as white, black, or jewel tones. These are very cute in dress cuts and lengths!
* Short sleeved cropped coats.
* Three quarter length sleeved coats, 'fur' or animal prints are very popular right now.
* 'Granny sweaters' These long length sweaters are cute open with something short and fitted underneath.
* Belting coats-This gives a loose fitting coat a feminine sexy edge even when your all covered up and in the middle of a blizzard.
* Knee length socks...so warm and snuggly with knee or ankle length boots. This is especially cute for more 'preppy' looks in multi colored argyle.
* The old stand by of any gal the over the knee black stockings!

* JEANS! There are many many ways to wear them...some really awesome ways are tight and to the ankle, almost like tights but denim. Also rolled to just below the knee with some hot pumps or peep toed heels. Light colored jeans can make you look larger then you, even though they are somewhat popular so go for a straight leg fitted jean to flatter your legs and hips. Also doing a dark jean tight and bunched over the top of pumps is super chic.
*Trousers in different colors and fits from wide legged to fitted are hot. Also suspenders are making a come back! Just make sure that you balance larger width bottoms with a short sleeved fitted t-shirt. Or mini dress/longer shirt with tighter fitting bottoms.
*Scarves...all kinds wrapped around the neck several times.
* Winter hats! Anything and everything from stocking caps, fedoras, berets, fluffy 'fur' hats with pom poms and tassels, really any hat with pom poms and tassels. As long as it looks lux and cute and keeps you toasty it's a must!
* 'Fur' accents-not in that old 1990's way but little touches of 'fur' in hats, sleeve cuffs, or around a hood is something try!

*****Please please please don't freeze to death...we are shooting for cute, not frost bitten!****

Here are a couple looks to copy:


Shoes are very important...as we all may already be aware of. I love winter because it gives me more options! Shoes are lovely, but a very key part of your outfit. Balance is very important with shoes. If you're going to wear a short skirt/dress or shorts long to the knee or above are a good bet. But if you are rocking something bulkier or long sleeved an ankle length to a pair of heels is better. However, if you are trying a sweater dress that is shorter and shows your shape. Long boots will not only help keep you warm but also keep you looking muy caliente!! (Wellies are also cute and good for toughing out the wetness and slush that comes with the season)

Some hot shoes:

Hair, make up, and nails:

There isn't a real difference in hair in the winter time from any other time of year other then that it may be easier to work with because there is no humidity, but there is always snow and rain to worry about. Also we are talking about working around hats and also creating up do's for holiday parties, special occasions and also to balance out a high necked shirt, coat or scarf. Of course how you do your make up is up to what style you are, if you're banba there's not a lot you're going to change for the season really. However other gals may like to choose other things to do with their make up to change it up. Say if you're going a little darker with your hair you can afford to wear a little bit more make up then someone with lighter hair might. Nails are just as grand as ever however now we are seeing big stones and pretty things like snow flake shapes!

Pretty things to do:

Taking care of winter skin:

It's especially important in cold weather to keep skin hydrated, exfoliated, and smooth. The heels, elbows and knee can become rough and chapped in cold winds.

Things to do to keep your skin great:

* Exfoliate your entire body every week with a sugar scrub or any other kind of gentle exfoliate-paying special attention to the 'rough' areas(heels/soles of feet, elbows, knees) making sure not to over do on the face and breasts or near pubic area...these areas tend to be have thinner skin and can easily be irritated and blotchy looking.
* Be sure to use a moisturizer every time you get out of the shower. You have about a 3 minute window to get the lotion on to 'seal in' the hydration.
* Don't use a regular lotion like you'd use on your body on your face. Seems like a no brainer, but regular lotion can clog pores and make bad acne...do not want.
* Getting regular pedicures(once a month) will keep the feet nice and stave off the 'uglies'.