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October 29th, 2007 (08:10 pm)

Kimoi - This word literally means "disgusting". Kogals use it describe guys that they do not like. 

Gangire - This means "really upset" or "just about to get so mad"

Maji - "Really?"

Maji-mukatsuku - "That really makes me mad" or "I hate that"

Pakuru - To steal

Chikuru - To tell on someone

All (pronounced "o-ru" in Japanese) - Staying up late or all night

Enjo, enkou - Prostitution or dating older men for money (from the word "enjo-kosai")

Geki-kawa - Really cute

Tenparu - To try to hurry

Kinpa - Bleached or dyed blond hair

Yabai - Dangerous

Owatta - Literally "It's over". Some girls, however, use it when they don't like a situation.

Ikemen - A good looking guy

Loose (pronounced "ru-zu" in Japanese) - Abbreviation for "loose socks", the ones used by schoolgirls in Japan.

Cho - Extremely. Girls use this word before another word, such as "Cho-kakkoii" (That's really cool)

Puri-cho - A notebook for sticking purikura (tiny sticker-pictures with frames around them). Taking these pictures even among adults is common, especially when they are with friends

Uchi-me - Myself ("uchira" means "us")

~makuru - To do something a lot (e.g., "asobi-makuru" means "to hang around a lot" or to "party a lot")

Nanpa - To ask a woman on the street for a date. This is a fairly common practice among young people in Japan especially in areas with a lot of nightlife. When groups of young men and women are hanging out, men will typically shout it to a group of girls or vice versa. (Warning: If you are a foreigner, do not try it)

Gyaku-nan - To ask a man on the street for a date (Short for "gyaku-nanpa" which means "opposite of nanpa")

Karui- A guy or a girl that hangs around a lot, sometimes at night and has lots of girlfriends or boyfriends.  using http://www.freedict.com/onldict/onldict.php, I found that to also mean light (adj), non-serious, minor

Asondesou -Another word for "karui"

Ikebu - Ikebukuro

Uzaberu - pocket bell

Kimpa - blonde hair

Keita - cellular phone

Kerompa - Blonde long haired man

Sonipura - Sony Plaza

Tawareko - Tower records

Cho LL - Super-love love

Choyagamo - Get damaged

Cho YM - Overly highly motivated

Choberigu - Super very good

Choberiha - Super very Happy

Choberibu - Super very blue

No pro -  no problem

Naru Ra - Narcissisit

B.A - A bad attitude

Pitch - PHS

Buya - Shibuya

Famima - Family mart

V - Fan of v6

Bukuro - Ikebukuro

Pongi - Roppongi

Ronge - long hair

Wakattingu - meaning of understanding

Chokomba - are very out of condition

CB - awkward person

Amura - Girl who is conscious of Namie Amuro

Found this over at richoche. net

some other words my friend taught me that might apply to GAL language:

busaiku - ugly

debu - fat

kowai - scary

kawai - cute